COVID 19 Relief Support

COVID -19 has played havoc in the world, and 'Prevention is better than cure' has once again been proved by this pandemic. While India is confident of winning the war against COVID – 19, a major hindrance could be the emerging hotspots in slum areas of big cities. We all know that the Virus is spreading at an alarming rate in the state of Maharashtra. It can spread very rapidly in the low-income, high density settlements having low disease immunity & inadequate medical facilities.

Donation Appeal

‘One hand reaching out to many’

Shelter Associates has been providing all possible support in fighting against this pandemic in the slums of Maharashtra through Covid19 related awareness calls and distribution of hygiene kits and dry food grain.. We therefore seek generous donations for the distribution of

  • Hygiene Kits
  • Food grains
  • Any other essentials
to the vulnerable slum families of Maharashtra

If you are interested in making a donation to Shelter Associates please email stating your support.