Our first project was initiated in Pune, during the first rains of the monsoon, with the sudden demolition of an informal settlement known as Rajendra Nagar by the city administration. We worked with the community to ensure that 50 families were resettled into formal housing within a kilometer of the existing slum.

Implemented with the help of the community, this project was executed in just two years from May 1996 to September 1998. This was a unique experiment in Pune where the beneficiary families assisted with the design, monitoring and construction of their own homes.

WWe documented the construction of the project in a flyer called Moving Mountains, and in May 2012, 13 years after the community first occupied their new homes, we carried out a study to ascertain the outcome of the new environment on their lives. The study was uploaded as blog called 13 years after completion.

Below are some pdfs of our projects that you can download.

Project Downloads

Dattawadi Flyer Moving Mountains