Kamgar Putala

In 1997, Pune faced one of its worst floods and the city administration invited us to carry out detailed surveys of 6 informal communities along the river which flows through the city, the river Mutha. Kamgar Putala, one of the oldest informal settlements in Pune, was the worst affected by the floods due to its location at the confluence of the Mula and the Mutha Rivers. We worked with the 176 flood-affected families of Kamgar Putala to help them secure formal housing away from the flood-prone banks of the river.

The community were inspired by the Rajendra Nagar slum rehabilitation project and accumulated the capital for contributing to the construction of new homes by forming micro credit groups and building savings. Flooding along the river Mutha was an annual occurrence and the community of Kamgar Putala believed that they must resettle on an alternate site in a different area of Pune; they wanted to be far away from the water; they wanted a home of their own; and they wanted their children to grow up without fear of drowning.

SSA documented this project in a flyer called The Kamgar Putla Story: A community’s struggle from a slum to a society. Subsequently, YASHADA a semi-government training institute for bureaucrats, made a film on the Kamgar Putala relocation project as training material for the officers.

Below are some pdfs of our projects that you can download.

Project Downloads

Baandhani women welcome the media Bandhani in Kamgar Putala Community led resettlement Kamgar putala facts and figures The Kamgar Putla Story: A community’s struggle fro A case study of collective housing : Kamgaar Putla resettlement