Le Monde covers the IHSDP in Sangli & Miraj

On 22nd March 2012 Le Monde, a leading French newspaper, published an article and an infographe (photo story) of the Integrated Housing and Slum Development Program (IHSDP) in Sangli and Miraj.

Links to the article and photo story are below:

Original Le Monde article (French)


Le Monde infographe (French)


Wordcrunch translation into English (dated 28th March 2012)


Times World (dated 28th March 2012)



IHSDP Weekly Progress Monitoring

During the weekly Integrated Housing and Slum Development Program (IHSDP) progress meeting on Monday 5th March 2012, Shelter Associates, who are the Architects of the IHSDP, highlighted a construction issue to the Sangli, Miraj, and Kupwad Municipal Corporation.  It was agreed at the progress meeting that the City Engineer of the SMKMC, Shelter Associates, and the Contractor would meet on-site on the following day to discuss the issue further.

The weekly progress meetings are vital to the implementation of the program as they are forums where all stakeholders in the IHSDP are welcome to come to find out about the progress of the program and to raise any IHSDP related issues.

IHSDP Beneficiaries show support for the project

On Monday 5th March 2012 beneficiaries from one of the sites under construction in Sangli, as part of the city-wide Integrated Housing and Slum Development Program (IHSDP), staged a protest in front of the Sangli, Miraj, and Kupwad Municipal Corporation (SMKMC) Headquarters.  The protest was intended to demonstrate the beneficiaries support for the IHSDP and to voice their complaint against the SMKMC regarding internal managment issues, present within the Corporation, which are having a detrimental impact on the implementation of the program.