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Improving accessibility of essential services

Plus Code is a unique digital locational address that can be generated for and assigned to any location on Earth. Based on the latitude and longitude of a location, Plus codes are unique alpha-numeric addresses that are navigable through Google Maps. Slums consist of small cramped houses and tiny lanes that hamper their access to timely essential services. To solve this issue, Shelter Associates has partnered with Google to generate and assign Plus codes to remote slum households and critical infrastructure. SA also helps Google ingest the tiny internal slum roads into Google maps. It allows the remotest residents to access services such as postal, emergency services, gas cylinders & other online services with ease.


Selection & mapping of slum using Spatial Data

Slum Household & Infrastructural Data Collection

Plus Code Generation by GIS Expert

Installation of Plus Code plates

Community Mobilization on Plus Code

How Do I Navigate


Open Google maps


Enter the Plus Code & city name in search


Click on start to find your route

Benefits of plus code

plus codes for good governance

SA shares spatial data along with Plus codes to the ULBs who can leverage it to improve planning, resource allocation, tracking and monitoring the progress of welfare schemes accurately. By training the community on how to use Plus codes, we empower them to get timely access to services. It increases their participation in local decision making which ensures sustainable local development. Innovative use of Plus codes technology is proving to be a total game-changer enabling both communities and the ULB to participate in furthering Good Governance.

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Shelter Associates

SA was founded by architects in 1994 with a passion to ensure equitable access to essential services for the urban poor. SA follows a data-driven, multistakeholder approach to designing and implementing community-centric solutions around sanitation and social housing issues. Know More

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