Social Housing Intervention


Our Citywide Social Housing Research project provides a framework for implementing social housing projects across 44 slums on government land in Kolhapur. The research followed a data-driven approach and involved multiple stakeholders to create a vulnerability matrix of slums. This analysis has helped SA develop unique redevelopment solutions for Kolhapur slums…. Know More

Slum Rehabilitation

SA has resettled 8000 individuals from vulnerable slums through the implementation of three major projects in Pune and Sangli-Miraj. These projects demonstrate a workable alternative to the typical slum rehabilitation. By involving the communities in planning and designing their own houses, ensuring tenure security, well-designed internal spaces and infrastructural amenities….. Know More

Ongoing Projects

Currently, an ongoing live project aims to provide secure tenure and well-structured homes to 77 vulnerable families from Bondre Nagar, Kolhapur. This unique in-situ rehabilitation project is being implemented under the PMAY housing scheme. The community has shown proactiveness by being involved in planning, designing, and financial management, making this a truly Beneficiary-led construction…Know More


Social Housing for the poor has always been implemented in a piecemeal manner that is intrusive and opaque. By following a city-wide, community-led, multi-stakeholder approach to urban development, we are creating a paradigm shift in the social housing sector. SA’s spatial data aids ULBs in providing common civic infrastructure. Involving communities in the process of designing gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility ensuring the maintenance and hygiene of the space. This results in upward economic mobility and security for future generations. Changing the built-environment changes the perceptions of the society toward the marginalized communities. It leads to their acceptance and gradual assimilation into the mainstream. They can now forever leave behind the stigma of being slum dwellers.

Community case stories

Ram Dhere one of the oldest residents of Bondre Nagar says “Every monsoon the gutter behind our house overflows and floods our house. My wife’s health has deteriorated due to unhygienic conditions and I have left my job to look after her”. Now SA is facilitating new homes with good infrastructure in Bondre Nagar and Ram is looking forward to living a life of good health and dignity.

Ram Dhere,

Bondre Nagar

Shelter Associates

SA was founded by architects in 1994 with a passion to ensure equitable access to essential services for the urban poor. SA follows a data-driven, multistakeholder approach to designing and implementing community-centric solutions around sanitation and social housing issues. Know More

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