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SA is engaged in a process of collecting, organizing and publishing slum data gathered through surveys. SA trains people from the slum communities in collecting data and reading maps. This arms them with data about their community, empowering them to make decisions, making them partners in the developmental process. This data is the ultimate evidence of critical gaps in the service delivery system bringing the Urban Local Bodies (ULB), communities, and civil society on a level-playing field, changing the dynamic of their relationship from benefactor-beneficiary to partners. While traditional data sets have left out women and girls, SA addresses the gender data gap by recording their lived experiences. Our unique, data-led approach is a key component of inclusive planning our co-created data brings clarity, comfort, and confidence to all stakeholders.

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Shelter Associates

SA was founded by architects in 1994 with a passion to ensure equitable access to essential services for the urban poor. SA follows a data-driven, multistakeholder approach to designing and implementing community-centric solutions around sanitation and social housing issues. Know More

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