Different types of data created by SA

Statistical Data

We map city and slum boundaries in a given city using Google Earth. Digitized maps along with profiles of cities and slums can be viewed according to divisions along administrative wards or Electoral wards. A detailed report showing the status of various civic infrastructure and services within a slum aid in developmental planning. …. Know More

Granular Spatial Data

We do Rapid Household Surveys of slum households. This data is analyzed and disaggregated according to the required categories. Superimposing this household-level data on the digitized slum maps generates granular spatial data that allows us to view the penetration of different services to be leveraged for effective monitoring…..Know More

Plus Codes

We are improving the accessibility of slum households by generating and assigning Plus codes (unique digital location addresses navigable on Google Maps). Plus codes allow timely access to essential and other online services. Additionally, Plus codes can be used to monitor and track the allocation of resources and the progress of a project…… Know More

Power of

actionable data

For implementing evidence-based interventions, having correct, relevant, and actionable data is extremely important. Our well-tailored Geographical Information System (GIS) helps us harness the power of geo-visualization for effective planning and monitoring of our projects. Realizing that existing slum data is disjointed with reality, we started co-creating data with the communities and the ULB which brings clarity, comfort and confidence to all stakeholders. This data is validated by the ULBs and democratized by making it available in the public domain. The insights provided by data help us measure what we truly value, whether we have brought the desired change to the lives of the urban poor. 

Community case stories

Bhagyashree Kalyankar of Rajendra nagar is an owner of an Electrical store and often needs to order supplies online, earlier she would have to pick the material from the nearest landmark herself. But now she shares her independent Plus Code with the suppliers who easily navigate on Google Maps and make deliveries at her doorstep. She is not just saving time but also improving her business.

Bhagyashree Kalyankar,

Rajendra Nagar

Project Downloads

Shelter Associates

SA was founded by architects in 1994 with a passion to ensure equitable access to essential services for the urban poor. SA follows a data-driven, multistakeholder approach to designing and implementing community-centric solutions around sanitation and social housing issues. Know More

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