slum rehabilitation


Providing secure tenure to the urban poor

Security of tenure is the cornerstone of our social housing initiatives which have successfully rehabilitated over 8000 individuals through the implementation of three major projects in Pune and Sangli-Miraj. These projects demonstrate a workable alternative to the typical slum rehabilitation projects that are prioritized by the government which fail to take cognizance of ground realities; and are implemented in an intrusive and opaque manner. The housing social projects implemented by SA are:
(1) Based on accurate data which has been spatially organized;
(2) Generated from a city-wide approach that considers housing as an integral part of the city along with areas of employment, healthcare, education, and convenience; and
(3) Implemented in partnership with the communities. This is how a slum transforms in a society that provides a safe and secure living for generations.

completed projects

Dattawadi, Pune

Kamgar Putala, Pune

Aba-Dhotre, Sangli-Miraj

benefits for the urban poor

Adequate light & ventilation

Optimal space utilization

Space for livestock

Safety through visual surveillance

Availability of basic services

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Shelter Associates

SA was founded by architects in 1994 with a passion to ensure equitable access to essential services for the urban poor. SA follows a data-driven, multistakeholder approach to designing and implementing community-centric solutions around sanitation and social housing issues. Know More

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