solid waste management

Data-driven tracking and monitoring of waste collection and segregation

Burgeoning population of our cities has created an unsustainable solid waste situation. Unsegregated solid waste from homes ends up in landfills leading to catastrophic damage to the surroundings along with poor health for people as it pollutes our land and water sources. Visual impact of litter coupled with bad odours reduces our sense of well-being. The situation in slums is particularly alarming owing to lack of resources and awareness on the issue. Thus Solid Waste Management (SWM) in slums is extremely important to reduce environmental pollution and avoid related health hazards.

our approach

We conduct surveys in slums to assess the solid waste collection and segregation status. Based on the findings, we conduct discussions, engaging games, street plays, rallies, songs, and workshops to create awareness on identifying, and segregating different types of solid waste and their safe disposal. Our trained volunteers use spatial data to track and monitor the waste collection helping waste collectors reach every last household. We also help community members to coordinate with the respective ULB members to lay drainage lines, arrange for garbage bins, and clear dumping sites. Through demonstrations and positive reinforcement, we nudge communities to adopt good SWM practices.

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