Model House Exhibition

On 2nd May, a model house exhibition was held at Indira Nagar slum in Sangli. The aim of the exhibition was to illustrate the approved ISHDP scheme to the slum community and to give them an opportunity to experience 1:1 spaces within their tenements before they get built. A gallery of panels were displayed leading to the model house that demonstrated the community mobilisation efforts of Shelter Associates over the last decade in various slums of the Sangli-Miraj-Kupwad Municipal Corporation.




 The exhibits also showed SA’s efforts over the last year in raising awareness about the IHSDP project not only in slum communities but also the general citizenry. On this page you can find the panels that were exhibited on the day as well as a short film illustrating the construction of the model house on site at Indira Nagar. The aim was to allow the community to begin to experience their future homes at a scale that was meaningful to them. Over three hardworking days, Shelter’s team worked alongside members of the community to construct a 1:1 bamboo replica of a single apartment.











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