Sanitation in Shivrai Nagar

Street view of Shivrai Nagar
Street view of Shivrai Nagar

Sanitation Projects are an important part of Shelter Associates’ ongoing work in the city of Pune. Click on the picture below to read about one such project in the community of Shivrai Nagar, where more than 100 individual toilets have been constructed over the last five months.

Although Shelter Associates were initially invited into the community to provide toilets, it quickly became apparent that this just was one of a number of issues facing the residents of this settlement. Working together with local people, Non-Governmental Organizations and the Municipal Corporation of Pune, Shelter Associates were also able to help residents of Shivrai Nagar with sewerage and waste collection.

Following the success of work in Shivrai Nagar community workers from Shelter Associates have begun surveying neighbouring communities, where residents are keen to start similar sanitation projects.


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